Developers Log

I have just uploaded my first mechanic test of the Archery and Movement sytem to YouTube. Foundations have been set up to add different arrow support, implementation is needed however..


This week I took part in my first proper Game Jam, and submitted a 2D project called Love Is Blind. The Game Jam was hosted by Brackeys which had the theme Love Is Blind.


Uploaded demonstations for all projects. Plus working download links. Show reel now on home page, as well as research papers (Google Drive Links).


Complete overhaul on portfolio site, shrunk Applications and Games to a single page rather than across several pages. Tidied up Dev Log to have image on the right, for more comfortable reading. Removed some smaller projects that require attention. To be added back upon refinement.


Both Android Application downloads are currently misfunctioning, I plan to fix this over the next academic year. Futhermore I have added a page for my Final Project, which I will create during my final semester from January to May 2019.


The Radiotherapy Assistant application has been uploaded to the relevant page. APK download for Android devices. Android Weather application has also been uploaded to its page.


The Radiotherapy Assistant application has been mostly built, and is undergoing final modifications, such as tweaks to the record system. The Android Weather application is currently having the XML design finalized. The My Tools application is currently undergoing testing.


In preparation for upcoming modules I am in the process of updating my two phone applications. Instead of being Unity files, they will instead be rebuilt with Android Studio.


Beta released for Hover Racer previously bug has been squashed. Gameplay has been refined to be more entertaining. Still some asset and leadboard refining to go.


Hover Racer now has spot effects, a working fuel system, a leader board, and blocks to dodge. Has a bug that stops the player in their tracks, looking into this currently.


Hover Racer now has more audio effects, plus a more coherent gameplay. Still some sound effects to be added plus tweaks to speed and a smooth follow camera.


Alpha released on Includes menu system, basic gameplay, track redesign, and soundtrack implementation. Beta should include a more coherent gameplay system. As well as some world appropriate sound effects.


Latest update on Hover Racer game, currently experiencing issues with changing track as it affects velocity. New look implemented as well as sounds from Jack Densly.


Added Numbers Game from foundation year project to applications page.


Hover Racer animations left and right animations are finished. Once the 180 flip is finished an Alpha will be built and uploaded to Itch.


Hover Racer animations have been started, and the tutorial level has been finished. Alpha should be ready within the month


Hover Racer and Gods At War now have itch pages. Gods At War with a Alpha. Currently undergoing work towards Beta. Hover Racer shall soon have a playable demo.


Hover Racer has been updated to have partical effects, this adds a nice visual element, so the vehicle isn't just floating, but instead looks like its been propelled up.