In preparation for upcoming modules I am in the process of updating my two phone applications. Instead of being Unity files, they will instead be rebuilt with Android Studio.
- 03/02/18
Beta released for Hover Racer previously bug has been squashed. Gameplay has been refined to be more entertaining. Still some asset and leadboard refining to go.
- 15/01/18
Hover Racer now has spot effects, a working fuel system, a leader board, and blocks to dodge. Has a bug that stops the player in their tracks, looking into this currently.
- 20/12/17
Hover Racer now has more audio effects, plus a more coherent gameplay. Still some sound effects to be added plus tweaks to speed and a smooth follow camera.
- 13/12/17
Alpha released on Includes menu system, basic gameplay, track redesign, and soundtrack implementation. Beta should include a more coherent gameplay system. As well as some world appropriate sound effects.
- 07/12/17
Latest update on Hover Racer game, currently experiencing issues with changing track as it affects velocity. New look implemented as well as sounds from Jack Densly.
- 04/12/17

Added Numbers Game from foundation year project to applications page.
- 24/11/17
Hover Racer animations left and right animations are finished. Once the 180 flip is finished an Alpha will be built and uploaded to Itch.
- 21/11/17
Hover Racer animations have been started, and the tutorial level has been finished. Alpha should be ready within the month
- 14/11/17
Hover Racer and Gods At War now have itch pages. Gods At War with a Alpha. Currently undergoing work towards Beta. Hover Racer shall soon have a playable demo.
- 06/11/17
Hover Racer has been updated to have partical effects, this adds a nice visual element, so the vehicle isn't just floating, but instead looks like its been propelled up.
- 30/10/17